Privacy Act

1.) Personal Information: All personal information collected through CARE Across Borders, its affiliates or brother or sister websites will remain confidential and will not be solicited under any circumstances unless otherwise agreed upon. The personal information requested under Contact Page will only be used for its directed purpose. The websites created by XelaDesigns for it’s customers will be used only for it’s sole purpose as to advertise or publicize under XelaDesigns’s company. All clients or customer’s personal information will not be used.

2.) Secure online data: CARE Across Borders value donations and potential donaters' security therefore nothing other than the first name, last name, email address, and telephone will ever be asked by CARE Across Borders. If you suspect a URL as being malicious or icon change in the address bar of the site you are trying to access under CARE Across Borders, please contact us at immediately.

3.) Advertisements, Spam, Hackers: CARE Across Borders does not abuse its rights and/or the donators’ rights. We forbid all hackers, spam, and advertisements. However, due to the nature of online access, you are prone to any of these attacks through your email(s) and personal information. Our website is a part of’s domain and property, we trust that ensures their customers (us) by encrypting the servers with at least 128-bit to 256-bit information. CARE Across Borders does not send any of its contributors any advertisements or spamware of any sort. If you are receiving any e-mail(s) from such alias as CARE Across Borders, please contact CARE Across Borders immediately for actions against hackers, adware or viruses.

4.) Contributors' Information: CARE Across Borders value their contributors’ information and will do its part in keeping up with the latest personal information from the donators. However, it is up to the client(s) to make sure to contact CARE Across Borders if such information is changed or incorrect. If there are any alterations or errors in your personal information, it is your responsibility to contact us at the given e-mail: to correct such errors. CARE Across Borders itself will maintain all information of its sites and this privacy act will be periodically updated as needed. Please check back frequently to insure of changes and your privacy information.

5.) CARE Across Borders and what we DO: CARE Across Borders is a 100% nonprofit private charity site. All images used are the property of CARE Across Borders unless noted otherwise. CARE Across Borders are the property of C.A.R.E. Across Borders Inc. and Unauthorized copying and use of any of the images on this site or text related to CARE Across Borders' sites are prohibited without the consent of XelaDesigns or CARE Across Borders and shall be punishable by law.